SIMPLE Progress Videos

I have added some new videos showcasing some of the features I developed for SIMPLE. It include custom character interactions, weapons, FPS/TPS/RTS combination system, AI, squad management, nice animation systems, objective management, and many more I can’t list here which are running in the background to make gameplay seamless. The characters are based on my Continue Reading

Lip Sync Work-flow in UE4

I have put together 3 videos which highlight 3 methods of lip sync using the workflow project I created. You can lip sync audio manually using papagayo or automatically using pocketsphinx or rhubarb. Further you can modify the lip sync data using the sequencer to edit the face key frames. Link to Repository: https://github.com/studiostry/UE4MBLabCharacterStudy

Lip Sync Test UE4

This is one of the earlier tests of the Lip Sync system for Unreal Engine. You can share lip sync data amongst all characters. This was created to be used with ManuelBastioni Lab characters but can work with others as well.

About Me

Ajit Christopher DMonte

I'm a Computer Science Engineer from Chennai, India. I love to code and have made a few open source addons and plugins for Blender and UE4. I like making games, creating web applications and using AI to solve problems. Most of my work involves using C++, JavaScript, Python and UE4.